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On the search for Sherlock at Ramon’s

Ramons cardiff food

Rumour has it that Benedict Cumberbatch frequently ate lunch at the Ramon’s Cafe when filming in Cardiff. As Sherlock is set once again in Cardiff, I decide to try my luck and head there for lunch.

Ramons“In the UK, you can recognise a good breakfast place by the number of builders inside.” This piece of advice given to me by my British flatmate resonates in me as I arrive in front of Ramon’s. Three builders are standing right in front of the door, chatting. One good point for Ramon’s already.

Gareth Badman owner of Ramon’s tell us a bit more about the place:

As I pass the front door, I quickly notice the mix of people present inside. A group of girls, probably students, are having breakfast. A couple in their thirties is sitting in front of large plates which seem to contain the specials of the day, ‘minted lamb chops’ as the board outside had informed me. Further away, an old lady is sitting with her son chatting cheerfully.

ramons cardiff

The radio is playing some hit songs and on top of the conversations I can hear the loud sound of the coffee machine. I turn around and look at the massive menu fixed on the wall. At Ramon’s you’ll never lack of choices. From vegetarian options to burgers, all sound delicious and most are around £4 to £5.


In term of breakfast, Ramon’s definitely knows what it’s doing. Choices range from American breakfast with pancakes to British breakfast coming in different sizes going all the way to the famous in Cardiff, Mammoth breakfast. And then, there it is. A ‘builders breakfast’. I have no doubt left that this place is definitely a good breakfast place.

Breakfast Cardiff food

My head is buzzing with temptation and I finally fix my mind on the specials of the day. A friend joins me at that moment and orders a vegetarian burger. At Ramon’s you always order at the counter, pay and then get a ticket with a number that would be shouted through the room to locate you when your food is ready.

Our plates arrive few minutes after we sat down and a delicious smell of freshly cooked vegetable and lamb hit my nose. A mix of green peas, mashed potatoes, carrots and lamb is spread on my plate. The portions are as always generous, better to come with an appetite. It’s delicious and filling, every bite is full of taste. I decide to give a try to the vegetarian burger ordered by my friend. Beans and mushrooms are mixed with spices combining together into something really tasty. I’ll keep that in mind for next time.

Food Ramons

As I’m taking few photos of the inside of the room, the old lady suddenly calls me.“My son thinks you must be a kind of reporter. Is it true?” I sat down with her for a moment and discover that she has been eating in Ramon’s for the past 25 years! I can’t stop myself of thinking that she is a good representation of the place. Cheerful, convivial, and open to everybody.

Sadly, no trace of Benedict. So I decide to question the owner about the accuracy of the rumours before leaving. “We’ve had Torchwood filming in here and we’ve had Doctor Who. But I’ve never seen Benedict Cumberbatch.” Well, it was worth giving it a try anyway.

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Ramon’s Breakfast and Burger Bar
64 Salisbury Rd, Cardiff CF24 4



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